e-Commerce Group
Dept. of Accounting & Finance University of Macedonia

Courses and Seminars

Undergraduate Courses

  • Management Information Systems. In detail examination of how the information and the Information Systems are used in the various departments of enterprises and in enterprises of different types, like industries, and service oriented companies. Design principles of Information Systems and use of databases. More info
  • Electronic Business – Electronic Commerce. Introduction to the Web technologies. Business models of electronic commerce and technology infrastructure, managerial perspective and key issues related to e-commerce including strategy development, competitive advantage and current and emerging technologies. Security, confidentiality, regulations and copyright matters on electronic commerce. More info
  • Electronic Commerce Applications. the Internet and the World Wide Web, introduction to the HTML, Server Side and Client Side Scripting languages. HTML authoring tools, Web servers and Web sites. Databases and open source database management systems. Dynamic Web Pages using PHP and databases, web application development. Designing and modelling data and content publishing. Simple dynamic application design and development in the laboratory using PHP, MySQL and Apache. More info
  • System Process Analysis and Modeling. Theoretical framework, methods and analytical techniques in use, for the study, design and reorganization of workflow systems supported by IT. Linking workflow systems, to business processes and Information Systems. Main methods and techniques for analysis and modeling of business processes with emphasis on the application of Information Systems. More info

Postgraduate Courses

  • Accounting Information Systems.
  • e-Commerce e-Business.
  • e-Commerce Applications.
  • Accounting tools for Decision Support.
  • Modern Tools for Decisionn Making.
  • e-Commerce and Web site development.