e-Commerce Group
Dept. of Accounting & Finance University of Macedonia

About the e-Commerce Group

The e -Commerce Group is a research laboratory within the Accounting and Finance Department of the University of Macedonia, headed by Associate Professor Nicolaos Protogeros.

The research areas of the group lie in five/six main fields:

  • End User Development: Development and optimization of development tools intended for use by non programmers, based on Human Computer Interaction principles.
  • Cloud Computing for the End Users: Research and development of Cloud Service technologies (SaaS, PaaS) oriented to end-user development of cloud-based software.
  • E-Commerce Principles and Technologies: Virtual enterprises, e-transactions and e-commerce software agents.
  • Business and Accounting Information Systems: Advanced approaches and modern methodologies for business process optimization through the adaptation of Accounting Information Systems.
  • Web Engineering: Web application design and development for Rich Internet Applications.
  • Business Process Analysis and Modeling